Award-winning author and channeler Paul Selig will lead you on an immersive journey of self-exploration with live, interactive teaching sessions across 5 nights. Paul and his Guides will unpack their groundbreaking progam to help you make the changes you want to see in your life.

The Experience Includes...

5 Sessions of Video Teaching Viewable on Any Device

Multiple Q&A Sessions with Paul & the Guides for Additional Context 

Downloadable Transcripts of Every Session so You Can Read & Review

Downloadable Audio So You Can Listen Anywhere You Go

A Private Members Forum to Discuss the Teaching

Everything Stored Neatly for You for Lifetime Access

A few things to note...

  • Each of the 5 sessions are 2 hours in length
  • Everything is kept easily accessible for you in your private members area
  • Customer support is available to you to make sure you can easily access all materials
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From participants in recent intensive workshops...

"I’m just blown away... I don’t know if I can find the words...

Everything shared, the questions asked, the responses... the love and care with which Dustin and Noah are tending to Paul and all of us... the whole “package” is just exquisite. I don’t want this to end... and of course I know the work now is about the teachings in action, however that looks. I have had a long spiritual journey and done many things, these teachings in some way feel like they encompass all of them in terms of completeness as a whole teaching. I actually feel like I could just listen to these 5 days over and over and over again and I’d get all that I need.

Thank you to all of you! It’s hopeful knowing you’re out there too. I’m definitely signing up for the next one as I’m not sure how long Paul will continue to do these fabulous workshops online."


- Christina Johnson

"I cannot tell you the value, the release, the journey, the evolution -- this would have taken me YEARS to cover such ground. 

I am so, so grateful that you continue to do these monthly intensives.

Your efforts to get the recordings and transcripts available --thank you. I check the site regularly so I can begin to work with the channelings before the next evening class. It makes a huge difference!!!  

You guys are working so hard and I am forever grateful. 

You are midwifing the birth of our evolved species. Big job.

Much love to you all."


- Martha Walker

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Read what others are saying about their experience in past intensive workshops...

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