The Lab

Live, interactive, weekly channelings online. Channeled lectures and student Q&A with the Guides.

Enrollment in The Lab includes full access to The Library, plus:

  • Automatic enrollment in every online livestreaming series that Paul offers.
  • These are weekly channeled teachings from Paul and the Guides (with every 5th or 6th week as an off-week) where an all-new channeled lecture is delivered, followed by live Q&A where you'll have the opportunity to ask questions directly to Paul's Guides.
  • Each 75-minute session is recorded and transcribed and made available to you shortly thereafter, so you can watch/read/download at your convenience.
  • Automatic enrollment in occasional, live, online Q&A sessions with Paul, so that you'll have added opportunities to ask him your questions and to hear guidance that he and the Guides give to others.
  • Only $89.95/month -- and you can cancel any time.
Enroll at The Lab