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This online workshop has quickly become the most popular format for teaching that we've ever offered. This series includes 5 livestream sessions over 5 consecutive nights, interactive audience Q&A where you have the opportunity to ask questions directly to Paul and his Guides, a private discussion forum for course members, full video replays, downloadable audio files, written transcripts of every session and a private members area to store everything neatly for you for lifetime access.

Sessions take place July 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20. Join via computer, tablet, smartphone or dial-in via traditional phone. Replays are made available quickly, always before the next session takes place so you can revisit any parts you like before the next class.

The workshops fill up quickly. We invite you to join us and experience the very latest teaching from Paul and his Guides.

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Because we've had to cancel several in-person workshops to due to the current world situation, we’ve decided to do our best to provide a virtual forum for the Guides to take a select group of students on an in-depth journey through a 5-evening Intensive Workshop that The Guides are calling “Beyond Separation.”   


The Guides began delivering their next book live during our last intensive workshop and I expect that will continue in this series. This is always an exciting time to experience the creation of the book in a live setting with a supportive community around you that you can discuss the teachings with. It also provides a rare opportunity to ask myself and the Guides questions about the teaching in the book immediately after it's been delivered.


These intensive workshops have filled up very quickly. I hope that you will consider joining us for this next one. You can read what others thought of their experience in our first intensive workshop at the bottom of this page.


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From a participant in our last intensive workshop:


"I’m just blown away... I don’t know if I can find the words...

Everything shared, the questions asked, the responses... the love and care with which Dustin and Noah are tending to Paul and all of us... the whole “package” is just exquisite. I don’t want this to end... and of course I know the work now is about the teachings in action, however that looks. I have had a long spiritual journey and done many things, these teachings in some way feel like they encompass all of them in terms of completeness as a whole teaching. I actually feel like I could just listen to these 5 days over and over and over again and I’d get all that I need.

Thank you to all of you! It’s hopeful knowing you’re out there too. I’m definitely signing up for the next one as I’m not sure how long Paul will continue to do these fabulous workshops online."


- Christina Johnson

Read what others are saying about their experience in past intensive workshops...

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