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Online at 4 pm PT (Los Angeles) / 7 pm ET (New York)

Award-winning author and channeler Paul Selig will lead a 2-hour online workshop to benefit the Ram Dass Loving Awareness Sanctuary.

We'll open with a short performance from Kripa, a kirtan band based at the Ram Dass House in Maui. Paul and his Guides will then deliver all-new channeled teachings, powerful attunements and an interactive Q&A where participants can ask their questions directly to Paul and his Guides.

You'll receive a full replay of the workshop in video and downloadable audio format, as well as a typewritten transcript so you can read the teaching if you prefer. The replays and transcript will be stored for you in your personal members' area for easy access anytime.

100% of the Net Proceeds will Benefit the Ram Dass Loving Awareness Sanctuary

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A message from Paul...

"When I arrived on Maui in March of 2020, a refugee from Covid, a series of synchronistic events led me to the community at the Ram Dass Loving Awareness Sanctuary. They have become my friends and now my neighbors. They are truly living their mission to uphold Ram Dass’s teachings of love, service and devotion. I am so grateful for the kindness that was extended to me, and I offer this event in hopes that others may continue to benefit from it as well. Please join me in supporting this most worthy cause."

Join us for a 2-hour journey of self-development, at once building awareness of your own life purpose and building your ability to improve life for others. In this interactive workshop, you will experience the palpable energy that comes through with this work as Paul and his Guides deliver their revolutionary program for making practical shifts in consciousness that will change your life. Become part of an amazing community of people from all over the world who are coming together for this special event.

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A few things to note...

  • The workshop will begin at 4 PM Pacific Time / 7 PM Eastern Time.
  • If you can't make it to the live session, not to worry! We'll get the full replay to you within 24 hours and a full transcript within about 4-5 days.
  • All the information you'll need to login to the live sessions and access the replays and transcripts are stored in your private members area for you, for lifetime access.

Frequently Asked Questions

About The Ram Dass Loving Awareness Sanctuary

The Ram Dass Loving Awareness Sanctuary (also known as Hanuman Maui) was formed after Ram Dass left his body in December, 2019.  It’s mission is to uphold his teachings of love, service and devotion.

Ram Dass lived in his house in Haiku, Maui for over 14 years.  During that time, his presence transformed it into a sacred space, a place to share unconditional love and devotion. During his years in the house, Ram Dass taught, held retreats, and offered podcasts and weekly Skype calls with his students. There was regular kirtan, meditation and special events at his home with the local satsang and visitors from throughout the world.

The vision of Hanuman Maui is to preserve Ram Dass's home as a spiritual sanctuary. They will offer kirtan, retreats, workshops and other special events when Covid passes and larger gatherings can be had in person. The garden at the sanctuary has a heart labyrinth and a mango tree that was planted with some of Ram Dass’s ashes. Ram Dass’s energy can still be experienced in the house and gardens. The Ram Dass Loving Awareness Sanctuary looks forward to being able to share this special sacred space with the spiritual community.

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About Paul Selig

Born in New York City, Paul Selig attended New York University and received his master's degree from Yale. A spiritual experience in 1987 left him clairvoyant. With 8 acclaimed channeled books in print, Paul is considered one of the foremost contributors to the field of channeled literature working today.

Paul offers channeled workshops internationally. He serves on the faculty of The Omega Institute and the Esalen Institute. Also a noted playwright and educator, he served on the faculty of NYU for over 25 years. He also directed the MFA in Creative Writing Program at Goddard College for many years and now serves on the college's Board of Trustees. He lives in Maui where he maintains a private practice as an intuitive and conducts frequent online workshops.

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